October 27, 2005



Anyone expecting some kind of “Lyrical Gangbangs Keep Falling On My Head” must take a quick sprint around the block, get some frogurt and find a new dream. Mr. Warwick’s new album is dire bougie make-out piffle, and all Dr. Mr. Dre does is contribute three drum loops that I swear come off a sample CD. (If you really love Burt, what you probably want to hear—leaving Dre aside—is something like this. I do, at least, and I have no strong feelings about Bacharach either way.)

If you want an in-depth look at the genre Burt has gotten himself into, watch this promo clip for smooth jazz foot soldier Brian Culbertson. (I saw it on a United Airlines flight.) You have to watch the whole thing, and believe him, the way you would believe any of your favorite artists. The effect of taking him at his word is, at worst, interesting. Distance between you and Brian will eventually intercede, because dude is a turbochoad, but there’s a chance that everything he says is not just marketing pre-cum. There is also a lightweight drinking game to be had in this EPK, and it would have to be called “Good To Go.”

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