October 12, 2005



Dear Angela Merkel:

How great are YOU? I cannot believe that Germany has its first lady leader! Let these congratulations be the first of many you will receive today. I was going to send a card instead of this dumb email, but Hallmark doesnít have a category for amazing people like you yet! I have heard that you are building coalitions, and I want to be the first to applaud these brave and appropriate actions. Coalitions have been going out of business left and right here, and the big storm didnít help at all. If there is any way you can raise any of the coalitions way above sea level, do that first. Anyway, you can instant message me at HarrietTHAspy102, or just call! Iím usually up, baking or just chilling! :)

Xoxo Harriet


To Ms. Kate Moss:

I heard about your recent problems with substance abuse and I wanted to reach out and say hello. I may be a judge soon in America and I want you to know that if I ever have to levy a fine or impose a sentence on you, I would take the entirety of your lifeís work into consideration. I am a huge fan of Elton Johnís and trust that he would not endorse anyone who was not a principled and valuable member of society. (I was lucky enough to meet the man. What a teddy bear! So cool, so timeless!)

I do not know your work as an artist very well, but my close personal friend, Beatrice, is a fan of your work and says you should be able to work in peace without a million prying eyes disturbing you. I am of a similar mindset. And if you at any time have terminated a pregnancy, I think thatóas long as you did a pinky swear to never bring it upówe could work around that.

Please write if you have any legal questions. I am pretty good with explanations!

Harriet Miers

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