November 11, 2005



Joe Carducci: "Re: Altman. He is overrated, of course, but whereas Cimino had to wear the coat for forcing the studios to take back artistic freedom from the irresponsible seventies directors, all of the others also misspent that freedom: freedom that come out of left field with the unlikely low budget successes of Fonda's Easy Rider and the Leone Eastwood westerns. Altman, Friedkin, Coppola, Scorcese and more all pushed for insane budgets in complete confidence they were geniuses audiences would follow. I went to see a Don Siegel retrospective at the Directors Guild in LA, and saw Eastwood introduce Dirty Harry and The Beguiled with Mike Watt. Mike clicked with the low budget b-mindset of Eastwood and Siegel. We blam econo."

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