November 09, 2005



Michael Robbins, from the University of Chicago, writes: "Nashville is surely the most overrated piece of shit in the annals of American film. At least Greil Marcus has seen through it, but only as his lone dissent from the unquestioned Wisdom of Pauline Kael.

It's Kael's fault, of course, that Altman is up there on the heightsóditto for Scorsese, de Palma, Coppola, all very good at their best, all laughably determined by Wisdom Kael to be among the Greatest Filmmakers of All Time (and how's Bertolucci looking these days, for chrisssake?). Cf. Jonathan Rosenbaum's criticism for a corrective to all this.

As for Nashville, it's a train of cliches that keep a-coming, right up to the final bullet. But I'll never tire of McCabe, Long Goodbye, and M*A*S*H & Gosford Park wasn't bad."

As someone who can't even identify a fucking BEATLES SONG, I think my opinion needs to be radically discounted. Hence the guest stars.

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