December 14, 2005



but Neckface stopped by last night. So don't tell me he's dead or living in Switzerland.

Do you like it when songs make you cry? Does this indicate that a song is doing its job? Or do you find crying to be a lower, monkey brain reaction that proves only that a song has manipulated you? Have you ever not been manipulated in some way by a song? Do you want to be un-manipulated, left alone in the corner (why do we always invoke "the corner"?) with your unspoiled mind? I am comfortable being worked on, and Jamey Johnson's "The Dollar" pretty much flattens me every time. People who are not working parents might feel exactly the same way, if they give the song a chance. Less emotional types may be impressed by the pacing of the story, which actually saves the punch line for the punch line, instead of putting it in the chorus—though it does that, too. (Looks like the first solid Nashville record of 2006, too. Amazing singing in the George Jones duet. Buddy Cannon, what.)

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