December 29, 2005



My favorite writer who lives in New York does not give a shit about hip-hop. (Postscript edit: "no longer gives a shit about hip-hop." [It seems pedantic to point out Diplo doesn't rap, just the kind of distinction that makes people hate music critics.] And since I'd rather sit around listening to L7 with Choire than listening to rap with almost anybody, what the hell do I care if he's INSANE enough to pay money for an M83 record.)

I, too, miss Boss, though if it is lady rappers we are missing, I offer Yo-Yo, the person who I naïvely and honestly thought would break the glass ceiling and be the first solo female superstar. I do happen to love Lady Sov, but if this is a gender-specific Raplympics we're having, Sov is fortunate that her competition is Shystie, Ms. Snoozamite and Estelle, rather than Michel'le, Yo-Yo, Boss, Salt-n-Pepa, Da Brat, and/or Roxanne Shanté.

Then again—never forget Argentina. Pride goeth before a bronze medal.

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