March 21, 2006



Ben passes on this clip of the 1964 Stones doing some 1964 rent-paying with the Kellogg folks. I say we can have this Stones, and the bad, evil, treacle-eating, leather-wearing Stones and not suffer. There is room for both, just as there is room for both a critical take on a song’s provenance and an irrational, full-body love for that song. Until the people (you should bust me right now for saying "the people") learn that “critical” is not the same thing as “being pointlessly mean to people,” the assertion of, and attention to, pleasantly dissonant states of being like these will have to be reasserted.

(Does anyone have a reliable guitar tab for Wham!'s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”? The original seems to be have been written on a keyboard, and the translation from one realm to the other is beyond my feeble skills.)

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