March 24, 2006



Have Mojave 3 always sounded like The Bats? I did not expect to last through twelve tracks. A second hearing may change my mind, but it's the first CD out of 36 to stick.

“Get Down Like That” (remix) is what Ne-Yo needs to stay on: Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, and Ghostface all in one place.

I don't know how long it's going to last with Danielle Peck. When it ends, it will have something to do with Jesus, even though he's a better muse than booze. For her.

Rumble Strips are notable for being the first band I've heard to rip off the first Dexy's album, and for nothing else.

I don't know what's weirdest about Ak'sent. That she seems to have learned how to rap by listening to late Naughty By Nature? That she covers Kris Kross's “Jump” as “Krunk,” even though that trend has already shipped, sold and gone through returns? That her first single, “Zingy,” works so well? We have our own Ms. Dynamite now (unless she's from Sweden, which wouldn't shock me).

Lil J maybe wants to be lil again.

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