March 14, 2006



DJ A-Trak's "Oh No You Didn't!" is good, if we use an average ruler that measures basic attributes—good mixing, restrained use of crabs or wiggly worms or whatever the fuck it is turntablists do to impress each other. It is great for three other things, which are choices and ideas: liberal use of Orbit's massive 1982 electro remake of "And The Beat Goes On," the laying of Biggie's "Hypnotize" over Scritti Politti's "Hypnotize" and a passage of segues that begins with "Tour De France," drags along M.I.A. and then spends some quality time in Miami before Dizzee and Sovereign jump in. Webheads addicted to newness will fall terribly asleep. Others are likely to move their behinds, or at least jiggle slightly as they participate in the workforce.

And Ghostheads: Remember "The Watch" and "The Sun"? (Both are now available all semi-legally and shit, here.) This time it's "Can Can" and "Charlie Brown." I assume that "Hidden Darts III" will address this problem.

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