April 28, 2006



Joe Gross writes: "In case you weren't sure who was the illest band of all time." (For the shy, is it Sly and The Family Stone playing "My Lady" live at Ohio State-maybe 1969? 68?)

On a parallel track, the hardest song I've heard all week is Little Milton's live version of "Let Me Down Easy," available again on his installment of the Stax Profiles series. The song was originally released in 1973 on "What It Is (Live at Motreux)." On this song, drummer Calep Emphrey wedges himself into an historical spot between Al Jackson, Jr. and Rey Washam. Little Milton sings the song to smithereens, most smitheringly when he draws out a high falsetto drone for almost a minute. I kept turning up the CD to make sure I was hearing a sound, and that it was a sound Little Milton was producing with his voice. I was, and it was.

If I had time, I would transcribe all of Lou Rawls' "Street Corner Hustler's Blues," a spoken word bit that segues into the live version of "World of Trouble" included on the forthcoming, posthumous Rawls best of. His routine raises some issues: Did Rawls get his propers? Should Chappelle should have been driving around with Lou instead of Mos Def?

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