April 19, 2006



Snow Patrol: It is OK to admit that you are having a hard time. You may need time apart from your "self." Reintroduce yourself to the things that have always made you happy. Be careful of sharing too much information with those around you. Give yourself some quality moments—see an old movie, take a nice long walk, visit the local job centre.

Allison Moorer: Now is your time to speak up. Don't worry about being in anybody's shadow. Put your fucking mack down. Seriously. Drop a three. Pop that shit. Most truly.

Gnarls Barkley: Are you rushing into new friendships too quickly? Don't doubt yourself. Revisit the happy moments of your past; take out old photo albums, and think about that great song you wrote for Tori Almaze. (You, the fat one—I'm talking to you.)

The Walkmen: We can't read your stars, but we do have a question: What is with the Dylan? What is WITH THE DYLAN? Did we miss three albums?

Joshua Radin: Be sure to let the grieving process complete itself before you move on with your life. Moving too quickly could create a whole new set of problems.

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