June 07, 2006



Question: Is Ray Cash to Lupe Fiasco as Del was to Q-Tip? Or is this just the return of Saafir and Ahmad? Either would be fine. After umptillion well-intentioned attempts to recreate the summer of 1991, the PG-13 funk of the Native Tongues has returned. If God smiles upon us all, The New Tongues will back up and jet out of the the soul-jazz cul de sac. (Yes, I know Ray Cash is connecting Cleveland to Houston and working within 2006 g*ngsta syntax, but I still find him closest in affect to a rude backpacker like Del.)

If he didn't spend so much time with Lord Douchebag, Rhymefest might not be talking about men being "pussified" by growing up in a house run by women, the hilarity of avoiding child care payments, and the finer points of leasing vs. owning women. I think he'd still be a turd. You know something is up when the two best tracks are a Mark Ronson chop of a Strokes song disguised as a D'Angelo tribute and a Necro King Cole duet with ODB. Dude, you're not even Kurious. You're Madkap.

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