July 20, 2006



Michael Robbins: "I'm not especially going to miss any particular record store, but the last time I was in Hyde Park Records on 53rd in Chicago, buying Wire's remastered 'Chairs Missing,' the clerk ringing me up had the following exchange with the clerk looking for the CD behind the counter:

Clerk 1: OK. You're parachuting into the shit.

Clerk 2: Late sixties or early seventies?

Clerk 1: Doesn't matter.

Clerk 2: OK.

Clerk 1: Who would you rather have backing you up: four Bobby Fishers, or the guys from Wire?

Clerk 2 (without pausing): The Bobby Fishers, because he's crazy.

You can't download that sort of thing. It's born of boredom and the frustrating sense that your store of knowledge is both vast and completely useless."

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