July 17, 2006



Notes on this week's Scritti Politti column:

1. I did not make it entirely clear—though I should have—that "White Bread, Black Beer" is the first Scritti Politti album since the early Rough Trade singles (which do repurpose reggae, from "Skank Bloc Bologna" on) not to be rooted largely in reggae, R&B, hip-hop or a combination thereof. The title may have something to do with this—maybe not.

2. The false binary of the subhead is not mine.

3. The rockism debate began in several places, and with several people, most of them English. Green is the person who introduced me to the idea of rockism (or anti-rockism) in an interview he gave to one of the British music weeklies in the 1980s.

4. Green is the motherfucking cat's pajamas.

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