August 31, 2006



brandon flowers : can't sing

xtina : can

tenacious d : strong

this old houseberlake : stronger, very stronger

rock music : trying

jay-z & beyoncé : kramer vs. kramer

rihanna : not allowed at 825 8th for a little while

pink : all like what?

lou reed : all like rock (and post-facto, rapp)

jack white : needs to see zz top as future, fast

john norris : pimp my nostalgia, best new scalp & teeth

axl rose : extension/chords

panix at disco : so missing the fall out boy kerfuffle

chamillionaire : [go koopa]

james blunt : is "underdog" how?

j.c. penney : the new target

sway : beyoncé, can i have the digits?

beyoncé : ....

ludacris : pls find my hair

pink : lou loves me, he really loves me

pete wentz : all your cape are belong to me, plus, girls are the new baseball cards

jack black : [would introduce me to my chair every day, if I had my druthers]

brendan benson : [all, like, let me sing one]

pharrell : [funny, here I am as a producer, yet I recently released a record of my own]

kanye : [funny, here I am as a presenter, yet I am always release records in my mind]

hype : [funny, here I am]

missy : ...

red hot chili peppers : ...

sarah silverman : [watch me redeem all penis jokes, byaah]

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