September 21, 2006


1. Melbourne is the first place I’ve visited in the last three years where goods are, if not cheaper, then at least not so crushingly expensive that it becomes impossible to enjoy the act of spending your tiny American dollars in a city you don’t know.

2. The food is surprisingly good.

3. See above for video for Lillix’s “Sweet Temptation” (the only song from “Inside The Hollow” to be released in America): Bring democracy to rock, rock bands. Let everybody sing a verse. They’re not all singers, you say? Pish to your meritocracy! And the big illuminated “1, 2, 3, 4” backdrop—has no one done this before? Vanilla Fudge? B2K? Such a move. Four members, four beats to the bar, it doesn’t hurt to be REMINDED. IN. NUMERALS. YOU. CAN. SEE. WHILE. YOU’RE. SHAVING. IN. THE. OTHER. ROOM.

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