October 04, 2006



I wish this movie were longer, right now.

British readers or Anglophiles with inside information—please explain this coconuts nonsense. Couldn't photos of Janet's abs be considered "unfair advantage"? How about James Blunt's apparently irresistible face? OutKast's wanton use of lenticular photos? What is the real beef between Beck and England?

Perhaps the following is a residual perception from the recent back and forth about CD mastering: this excellent album of recordings from the 1970s demonstrates how sounds and production values shift position over time, moving from group to group, section to section, purpose to purpose. While not mega-platinum, Little Feat were putatively a pop group in the 1970s. Now, you would only hear such drum sounds and flat recording style on an indie record, a fairly knowing one, or an alt country recording. Possibly a good one, though likely not as good as Little Feat.

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