November 29, 2006



is apparently the name of this mix. That is what Dave Tompkins told me. Dave is the man who made me give up record collecting, in the same way you might give up baseball if one day, proud that you could really knock a curveball through the gap, you happened upon Rod Carew warming up in a batting cage. Dave was always nice about my Harold Alexander "find" and my "hot" soundtracks, but I knew that he knew that the Miami Bass 12-inch he had sold his car for would one day be the basis for an entire genre. ("Battery Brain!")

The mix is also here. Dave's emails don't always make a lot of sense, so I think this mix is Dave acting as guest DJ on Monk One's radio show, though I can't be sure it's a radio show. Maybe it's a podcast. You tell me.

This is rap.

This is a scientific law, the name of which escapes me.

This is art.

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