December 15, 2006



Cortney Harding:

"When I was a high school kid in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, circa 1996, I would take the bus downtown to Ozone Records almost every day. I had a massive, raging girlcrush on a bespectacled lass named Rachel, who worked the counter and played in a noise band called Sissyface. Although I probably came across as the world's nerdiest fan-girl, she was sweet enough to turn me on to some excellent bands, and I spent hundreds of dollars on seven-inches thanks to her guidance. Ozone is now long gone, and God knows I haven't set foot in a record store in ages, but I always feel a little bad for music nerd kids these days. Reading a blog isn't nearly as much fun as tailing a hot clerk around the store while she piles records in your arms."

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