January 05, 2007



Luc Sante: "Yes, it's an unused ticket. October 1974. My date elected to go see Fairport Convention instead. But I went! He was at the end of his peak then—"The Payback" was on the radio. The show itself was the last gasp of vaudeville: cartoons (Road Runner), followed by a fashion show, followed by a shout-out to the celebrities in the house (Mick Jagger and two African ambassadors), followed by a series of his protegé singers. JB came on after about an hour and a half. I remember thinking, "Damn! The guy can still move! And he's so old!" He was 41, I guess. If I'd been in the city I definitely would have made the pilgrimage to see him lie in state."

And a post on JB by Roy Edroso that Luc pointed out to me. (Reverb Motherfuckers! Confused? Click around.)

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