March 01, 2007

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In my role as "Lost" Zombie, I must disagree mildly with my colleague J Shep. I think "Lost" may be losing steam for the exact same reason "The Sopranos" did: Abrams, Lindelhof, Bender, Cuse et al are leaving behind the main family and introducing too many characters we don't give a shit about. I will defer on Shep's parsing of Hugo's ethnicity. (In terms of plot and character, I found Cheech coming back to sex up moms and get the loot amusing if diffusing. ) I was very sad to see Eko go. Watching Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje not talk is as riveting as watching Stephen Colbert talk. (Thanks to Nick, I saw a Colbert taping yesterday. SC hit everything in one take, except for a short intro. He is a complete ninja of The Saying of Words.) But I didn't/don't think Michelle Rodriguez can act and wasn't bothered to see her go.

None of this changes the facts that "Lost" is the BEST TV SHOW EVAR.

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