May 30, 2007




Thank you for sending your RAID to us for data recovery service. We are sorry that successful recovery was not possible in this case. This report provides some information about the work that was performed.

The initial challenge in this recovery was accessing the data at a physical level from each of the four drives in the array. Unfortunately both drive #1 and drive #3 had suffered a massive head crash. (A head crash is when the read/write heads touch down on the patters inside of the drive and literally scrape away the data. These heads typically float magnetically just above the discs [+/-3 microns]. This occurred on two of the four drives in your RAID 0.)

The drives were opened and worked on in our Class 100 Clean Room but they were still not readable because of the severity of the media damage. Because the drives were in a RAID 0 configuration, it was necessary to access and save the contents of all four of the drives in order to save your data.

I am sorry that a successful recovery was not possible in this case, and I do wish you the best with the work that will be required to rebuild or recreate the data you need. If you have any questions about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to work on your drives.

Best Regards,

Data Recovery Advisor”

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