June 24, 2007



I have long had a plan and the plan is as follows—to create a list of albums that I can't get through. The idea is not assert that these albums are bad; I simply find it impossible to get to the end of these albums. This list was going to be called The Snoozedex™, which seemed like a big buxx innovation in terms of both technology and language (like "scrobbling").

But I changed my mind. The Snoozedex™ turned out to be both mean-spirited and inaccurate, because I rarely fall asleep while listening to an album. What I do is hit the stop button (space bar), or walk away. So coming up next: The Helpdex™, which will list album titles and append to each title a positive, pro-active suggestion for activities that might help you get through the album in question.

(P.S.: Don’t say Helpdex out loud, because people will think that you are saying “Help Desk.” This may cause someone to ask you how to load widgets, run Monsterlung in OS X or import bookmarks from a stopwatch to a telephonic jellybean.)

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