September 14, 2007



For my thirteenth birthday, my mom got me tickets to see Elvis Costello & The Attractions at the Palladium (now an NYU dorm). It was the "Trust" tour. My seats were in the highest, absolute last row of the venue, approximately 1.2 miles from the stage and probably parallel with the sixth floor of whatever building is across the street. Squeeze opened. Unlike two earlier, frustrating experiences seeing the Grateful Dead (weird family friend connection), this show was of the "I Would Like To Do This With My Life" variety. Squeeze = harder than the hardest, hard as hard can get. Costello & Attractions were a fire hydrant with the cap off, and the whole block (us) rode inflatable giraffes in the wake. Then it stopped and we went home.

I have been listening to "Trust" over and over for two days. Why did people continue making albums after this was released? Emotionally, I get it, but really. Holy narc basket on a Wasa cracker.

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