December 22, 2007



About three months ago, Hollywood’s top actresses got all rowdy with the perfumeries, and now they all have their own individual perfume fragrance smell commercials. NOW. AT THE SAME CONFUSING TIME.

MC Hammer thinks that TLC are possibly the greatest female group of all time.

Secret’s “wetness protection” tagline is__________.

A song called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was very big in the nineties.

Tom Selleck is in a TV show where he does something spooky and gambly.

There is a lady named New York. Several fellows are vying for the chance to sire her about. She does not like horses and finds much of life to be a trial. Why these young men want to be her shabba ranks lover lover is not apparent, unless she has hidden a microchip full of digital cash in one of her teeth.

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