May 29, 2008



It took three years for Jack to grow a fake mustache.

Someone finally used the “m” word.

Locke cannot identify an anthurium.

The Dharma Initiative had elevator problems, too.

Ben will speak to anyone as if they’re six years old.

VHS tapes are not a stable storage medium.

Sawyer saved one of his best insults for last.

Ben can also respond like a six year-old: “So?”

Jeremy Davies is the Olivier of Being Worried.

The entire plot of that terrible “Zohan” movie (no, I haven’t seen it) was stolen from this one plot point: Sayiid is more comfortable killing people after he’s had a good blowout.

However successful “Lost” has been, the show still has no budget for Convincing Images Of Boats Blowing Up.

Sawyer is an excellent swimmer with very sturdy pants.

(“I Survived A Japanese Game Show” is going to have to hold us for a while.)

(The A&E TV commercial was a commercial for TV.)

The Big Island-Moving Knob (Frozen Donkey Wheel, fine) looks like a Japanese game show challenge.

That one shot of Jack in the raft had back-projection out of a Hitchcock movie. WHAT YEAR IS IT? WHERE DID THE MONEY GO, ABRAMS?

Claire looks like a cross between Reese Witherspoon and Natasha Bedingfield.

Penny’s boobs were on TV.

The Desmond/Penny reunion is “Titanic” in reverse.

“I have a tracking station” is a totally decent pick-up line.

I am not going to watch “Good Morning, America,” no matter what you promise me, Mr. TV Set.

“Brother” is forever Desmond’s word.

Why does Future Jack only listen to old Pixies and Nirvana?

Ben leaves the island to join Alien Sex Fiend.

Jack STILL hasn’t grown an actual mustache. Is Matthew Fox follicle-challenged?

So—two seasons to get everyone back to the island?


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