May 05, 2008



I was listening to that thing by Snoop Dogg with a million songs on it, including the good one. I noticed that the good one has the same problem as Jay-Z’s “Can I Get A...”: the fig leaf (“what what”) is better than the flesh (“fuck you”). (Unrelated: Amil? That beat? Chris Penn*? And Jay-Z so young? Nineties!)

“Sensual Seduction” is funny because it is redundant and stupid. “Sexual Eruption” is a euphemism for something I don’t need to know about Mr. Dogg and his day. I want funny rap. And so while the hours are being whiled away and I am not having funny rap, I wonder, in the hopes of remaining awake: “Why do people make these endless things that nobody buys?” I asked this of my friend who is paid by the one remaining major record label. (I asked her that question, I mean.) And she said: “Packaging shoots.” This was a good answer before it detached and became a potent, awesomely disturbing phrase all by itself.

No Age tonight!

* Joshua on the correctional 1 and 2s.

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