August 02, 2008



I suppose "The Dark Knight" is impressive, in the same way that it is impressive to watch a larger boy hit a smaller one, simply because he can, and because dominating and terrifying a person produces emotional effects that aren't generally part of everyday life. "The Dark Knight" works according to The Joker's anti-principles—chaos is liberating, violence is plainly more fun than anything else and that any attempt to achieve order is hubris—while taking time to fold in unconvincing speeches about heroism to make it clear that The Joker isn't really the smartest person in the movie. This move is the moral equivalent of an E-Z Pass: "Yes, the Bad Things are Bad. Can we go back to hurting people?" The movie is only interested in torture—of the audience, of the characters, of garbage trucks. It left me drained, and I was triply depressed to think that Heath Ledger's talent—his spittled, syncopated dance—was pressed into service for a bloated piece of heartless noir.

And now , for the first time, I am watching "I'm Not There," where Bale and Ledger rehearse.

"I think he is evil. And we were his biggest fans."

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