September 30, 2008



Via Susana Ferreira, a list from her friend, Pomegranate Queen. Read it in context to discover its utilitarian purpose. On its own, still a great list.

“What are you views on Palestine/Israel? Do you know who Chick Corea is? What countries border Iran? Do you know any Shi'a Muslims? What do you think of the clarinet? Who is Molaana Jalaledin Mohammad Balkhi? Can you pronounce my name correctly? What do you think about women with hardcore ink? Have you ever been to a rally? Who is your favorite member of DITC? What do you know about invisible disabilities? What are your thee favorite Bowie albums? Have you ever dated queer women? Or men? What do you think of “true love”? What’s the last book you read? Major chords or minor? Curly or straight? Name three ingredients in a Tabouleh salad? Are you into vinyl (all kinds)? What are your views on abortion? How often do you clean your bathroom? Dettol or baking soda? What the last gift you made someone? What rhymes with spit?”

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