January 07, 2009

do not leave sinead alone

1. Sinead 1989 > _____________.

2. What an injustice, making Sinead sing to a backing track. She tries intermittently to prove herself as she sings. By the end of the performance, she has almost stuck her knife through the veil of nonsense.

3. If I ever thought bands looked dorky on award shows, it is only because I forget how dorky this Top of the Pops shit looks. Sinead is actually singing over the track, but the effect is almost the same as lip-syncing. (I added that XTC link because there it is never a wrong time to hear "Nigel" again and Terry Chambers makes a proper mockery of the pantomime by bringing along steel drums and a GONG.)

4. And: Sinead 1989.

(via Emily.)

Added thought from the Unicorn, Jessica Hopper:

"I have been on a Sinead kick for, like, nineteen years. My almost-favorite thing about this is that SHE IS WEARING BUNCH DARK PURPLE SOCKS AND FLAT, MANNISH, LACE-UP ANKLE BOOTS, which was a cool look for anyone in 1989 but especially good on an awards show. Note that minus the industrial bandage bra, Sinead's outfit is the same as Lauryn's when she won her solo Grammy and Bible-thumped from the stage. Also: wifebeater and lite rinse jeans are reliable signs of greatness."

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