January 28, 2009

lose yourself


Nice gun-cam.

I’ll tell you what year it is. TOO CONFUSING09.

Points for staying on The Island.

Time travel. Back to Oxford to teach lil Thom Yorke the ukelele.

“Why am I asking? Because it says in the script—OH HAI, BIG PHYSICS DEPT. SIGN.”

The energy source on the island is a bomb? Is that what exploded two, three seasons ago?

(I think this show may be over. Accepting suggestions for new show to watch.)


“I am your best chance at disarming that bomb.” 21st century bar chat. Goes well with “I am good at making food and currency from old Learning Annex booklets.”

Most obvious joke ever, but this show is now perfectly named.

Endless supply of hot chicks in wife-beaters with guns on The Island.

“Me and my friends also are releasing a single called ‘The Beat Is Gonna Get You.’”

WIDMORE! JACOB! THE BAND IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER! (OK, this is the first good bit yet.)

Penny sounded like Björk.

Annoying mindreader dude said something funny. And The Island moved. I think.

(How little do you kare if Kate keeps Aaron?)

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