June 03, 2004


red yellow mylar reflection.jpg

Oh. My. [-----------------------------] PJ Harvey, who is the [----------------------------] and the [--------]. Her show last night at the Knitting Factory was [---------------------] out of [---------]. She wore a tight yellow dress bearing the image of either Sidney Bechet or her younger self in combat boots* and red satin heels. Because she is [-------------------] and also [--------------------], I think that [-----------------------]. Rob Ellis is still her drummer; new bass player Dingo (from The Fall!) and guitar player Josh Klinghoffer are both very tall. The show started with the song from Uh Huh Her that contains the words "uh huh her." When she started to shimmy and do her little stomp, I [--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] my brain [----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] run away to the circus. [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------], or when a rhino fucks the wall and all the people are given free health care. It was one of the [----------------------------------------------]. I would [------------------------------------] to [--------------].

* Apparently an old tour t-shirt repurposed by violinist Clare MacTaggart.

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