July 07, 2004



I was thinking about blog precedents yesterday.

Not the obvious diary stuff, but some kind of prose that moves fast and stays personal or, if not personal in the "what I ate" mode, then at least committed to a language that goes faster for the few than the many. And I suppose we should factor in some degree of "influence," meaning the liner notes to the third KK Null record won't do. Nah—scrap that restraint. Anything will do.

Thinking very quickly and then moving on, these occurred to me: Some of Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems; some of Xgau's Consumer Guide entries; several different liner notes. (There's a Dylan album that has Bobness which reminds me of Olivia Fairweather, but I don't know which one. Oh, vice versa, pedants.)

You have the impression I lose or ignore the things you send me, but it just isn't true. I'd love your input htis time. Really oh really.

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