April 20, 2005



EMP? Only a few things to say, but I'll start with the free stuff:

I moderated the "Hip-Hop Is Everywhere" panel and made the ultimate nerd blunder. I added an uninvited footnote to someone else's paper, and got it wrong! Fire!

Jon Caramanica spoke about country and hip-hop crossfire, and when he was done, I added that the Crash Crew had released a hip-hop song in 1980 that sampled the banjo from the weirdo cult record Black Grass. Laying in bed last night, I realized that this statement was wrong. The song was the Disco Four's "Country Rock and Rap," which came out in 1980, I am pretty sure. There are no samples here—the gear wasn't ready. Pumpkin and friends replayed what I am fairly sure is a bit from the Black Grass record, though I am doubting myself now. (Rap nerds—please help me if you can can.)

None of this will matter now, because that link right there is to an MPthree of the song and it is wonderful enough to dissolve all these facts. It is hard to imagine hearing this song in 1980 and not predicting that hip-hop would become an institution.

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