April 20, 2005



We woke up to find three versions of the same question in our inbox. Here is our favorite iteration, from Alex Ross: "Timbaland didn't produce "Lose Control"? Whoever did is the next Timbaland."

Who produced it, aside from credited producer Missy, is Juan Atkins and Richard Davis a.k.a. 3070, who released a song called "Clear" in 1983 under the name of Cybotron. Because, I am guessing, somebody asked Missy what song she'd sampled for "Lose Control," and she said "'Planet Rock,'" Atlantic's current set of album credits lists the sample as "Planet Rock." Any record nerd could tell you that it is not "Planet Rock." We may not be of much use, but we can tell you to take a left at Die Mensch Maschine and keep going till you hit Detroit.

So, the answer is: the first Timbaland of many was motherfucking Juan Atkins. And pointing this out does not mean we play Monopoly™, Genius Version. Never. Missy and Ciara and Fat Man Scoop yelling over "Clear" is pretty hot. But it isn't "Clear," which is still not "Planet Rock."

It also isn't "Almighty Father," by Sunship and Warrior Queen, which is kinda like Missy, but not really.

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