October 24, 2003



1. December 4th, produced by Just Blaz3. Mr. Carter teaches himself to ride two-wheeler by age 4. Mother narrates. Song is heat.

2. My First Song, produced by Aqua. Bananas.

3. Moment of Clarity, produced by Marsha11 Math3rz. Mr. Cart3r would rhyme like Tal1b Kw3li if it weren't for the money, he says. Annoying beat.

4. 99 Problems, produced by R1ck Rub1n. This song gave me a haircut. Good like grab-your-pantleg-and-beg-you-to-stay good. Imagine early 80s Rub1n melted down into one beat. Metal. Hip-hop. Yes.

5. Dirt Off Your Shoulders, produced by T. Mosl3y. Get ready for the new dance craze, almost as good as the Shovel. Beat = Sterno + yule log.

6. Change Clothes, produced by Phar3ll. Annoying.

7. What More Can I Say?, produced by The Buchanans. I know this sample, but I can't place it.

5 other tracks, unheard, include 2 by Kany3 W3st, another by Phar3ll. No Dr. Dr3, no Pr3mier.

Mr. Cart3r: charming! tall!

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