October 23, 2003



I loved Tim's remix of "White Flag" but I thought my reaction might be nothing more studio-itis, i.e., being overwhelmed by the wind $50,000 speakers push. But back home, the original version of "White Flag" sounded dishwater weak. The balance of surrender and pride and the lovely chromatic kicks are soggy with Producer's Milk. Tim wasn't just trotting out the doorknockers and Triton patches reflexively. His remix serves the tune by drying it out, laying ultrahard bang science under the voice like a steel bedframe. (And he solo'd out the brilliant string arrangement, which is submerged in the Enigma/Sting murk of the original.) Tim's astringent bump takes the pong off Dido's wrapped Grandma pocket caramels and leaves enough blank space to bring out the grain of her voice. And I thought he was just phoning it in! (When I cried Uncle and drove home exhasted and a little baffled by US 1, Tim was beginning to fuss it up with some extra keys, but I bet he thinned it back out by the end.) Maybe he really should just produce everybody's records.

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