October 25, 2003



Joshua Clover's chapbook & CD, "Their Ambiguity," is out now through Jeff Clark's Quemadura Press. It is a cut-up of Situationist film scripts and other texts. I don't recognize all the sources. It seems likely many of the words are Clover's own. The accompanying CD contains both readings and music. (I recommend Clark's book, "The Little Door Slides Back." It is made of words and makes me high with delight.)

Here is a sample from "Their Ambiguity":

"Monumental the lacunae between illbiquitous promenaders down to the Square past the Open 24 Hours as social forms of grieving we are prohibited this is the remix the new glitch has been recalled melancholy of luscious Pictober the fall of the phenomenon into the iris back with another one of those Return of the Flaneur as hardcore Autumnophage echolocation always places you in a different country the cure is beats per minute bad year in Brooklyn Bombs Over Baghdad the negative needs no introduction and/or here we go!"

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