January 08, 2004



Avoiding Ryan Adams is a full-time job which I have no intention of quitting, but my betters have been telling me that I need to check the technique of rock's least successful gadfly: the answering machine message, the website posts, etc. I didn't want to, because the boy needs help and I am not going to laugh at a man when he's already The Universally Acknowledged Wackbot. But then Fluxblog (not a relative, I swear) stepped in with the Adams message and WFMU DJ Tom Scharpling's deconstruction, and I broke down. I listened. I don't agree with Scharpling's assessment of Steely Dan, or the whole WFMU "weird is better" party line, but his heat session made me want to use several popular emoticons. Check the madness here.

Listen through to the end, where it is revealed that Ryan Adams is naming his new records label Pax American. I doubt Adams knows the original phrase he's mangling, but Scharpling doesn't seem to either.

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