January 08, 2004



Ruff Ryders specializes in the not-quite, don't they? New signing Jin, "the first Chinese rapper," has a single out called "Learn Chinese". You hear that keyboard line? It's the melodic taunt every playground bully throws at the Asian kid he thinks he can shake. The producer: Wyclef Jean, the man who never met a cultural clash he couldn't ruin. He's had an Asian hangup since The Score--remember the Chinese restaurant skit? OK, but then Jin himself says he's "the original chinky eye MC." Then he sings the chorus of "Player's Anthem" in Chinese. I think. Cannot entirely compute.

Is this so culturally post-post that we love it? So insensitive and dumb that we feel bad for everyone, especially Jin? Especially since he can't rhyme? Is Wyclef a racist or just a moron? For more tuRRd buRRgers, check Drag-On's new single "Bang Bang Boom," where he kind of, like, accidentally forgets how, um, he sounds (like a butt with lips) and rhymes like, you know, 50 Cent. A lot. Swizz Beats continues his Falling As Far Off As Possible From A Great Height Career Curve™ by sort of, like, you know, trying one of those Ludachingy type dance, um, tunes there. Right. Please mistake me for a hit!

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