March 22, 2004



A friend from Brazil writes:

Brazilian rock star and activist Rita Lee just had a great idea that she announced during a recent television appearance.

While complaining about the uselessness of all reality shows that occupies television stations worldwide, such as Big Brother or Survivors, she suggested the following:

We should put all candidates for presidency inside of a house, debating and arguing about their views and government programs. This should be done without marketers, without rehearsed speeches, without masks.

Every week, the public would vote and eliminate one candidate. At the end of the program, the winner would win his/her place to presidency. Besides eliminating the time we spend on reading or watching repetitive and useless news, wasting tons of campaign money that could actually be used by productive education or health programs, and helping a already misinformed population get even more ignorant: citizens would get to meet the true character of each of the candidates.

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