March 01, 2004



The New York Sports Club chain provides, "free," an awesome music video program, the soundtrack of which is piped in for those not watching the little buddy screens as they gallop and oblongate. This means I can leave my large Soviet wearable radio at home. The music is not universally popular. My fellow sweaters drop all these sotto voce Popeye-mouth comments: "Turn it DOWN," or "What is this shit?" The off-site, third party programmer and I are of one mind, though. It is good to work out to catchy dance pop like 2 Unlimited or catchy lady rock like Joydrop, my A#1 jukebox favorite for the last month. Back in 1999, "Sometimes Wanna Die" impressed somebody at Tommy Boy enough to hire Tommy Lee for the video. I don't know what Tara Sloane is doing now but she should do it in a studio.

Lamb always seemed like pretenders to a throne that was toppled in a coup they slept through. I was mostly impressed by how physically attractive they are. They look like they were cultivated in a petri dish by Prada. I am now reconsidering my position. (Not about their looks--they're both still hotties.) "Sweet" is 17 Brit club songs averaged into one, in the best way. The approach departs from their standard "sad is the new catchy" moan and stands up straight, ready to do the hucklebuck. It could be Soho's "Hippychick"'s granddaughter. I think it came out more than a year ago and they've got a new album out so this song is gone, except at my house.

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