March 01, 2004



The US has its Alfred E. Neuman routine down. Before you accept the administration's denial, see this completely remarkable film. It's about driving all of your cars, to paraphrase Lisa Miskovsky. It is also about a coup and the fourth largest producer of oil in the world and popular democracies and what the US regime cares about. Every high school and college student in American should be required to see this film before matriculation.

I don't trust these poll thingies, but the last gay marriage poll stirred up some pretty active bees, so go on and vote in this one anyway. Preliminary results: 82% of readers are against a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

And to all the Toronto massive: Tara Sloane is coming to Lee's Palace Saturday night. No guarantee whatsoever that it will be on a par with Joydrop.

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