March 04, 2004



My glasses are busted (pa-twing! on 47th street this morning) so now the screen is very far away. My old glasses hold an old way of seeing.

I saw the biggest garbage tonight and boy am I sad. I wanted to tell you FIRST about two incredible dance things I've seen in the last month--María Pagés and Bill T. Jones--but now I must deal with now. Karole Armitage tonight was as close to meaning-free art as I've ever seen. I'm not sure I believe anything can be free of meaning (whatever that is) and of course she was indicating her own turdy preferences like a lighthouse, but gotdang I've never been so glad to be in a place dark enough to nap. Content, such as it was: weird light strings, hideous metallic bathing suits, shitty lighting, ugly music by composers I like (Bartok and Bryars), anorexic voguers who looked like Gollum, both of them, some yoga chick who moved all slow and shit...and I've already forgotten. Less than an hour, no intermission. Why no intermission? Because people would have left and gone to The Hold Steady, where I should be now. But I give up.

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