July 16, 2004



Mike Barthel:

"I recently was talking to someone who cited Suck as a primary precursor of blogs, and I'd have to agree. While there are certain differences from blogs (regular article-style posts, mainly) there are a lot of similarities, from the use of pseudonyms to the particular obsessions (culture/politics/personality) to the one-big-column-o'-text format. Hell, they pretty much created the form of "article with references you won't get unless you click the links" as well as "article whose links comment sarcastically or critically on the text." Plus, unlike a lot of the things cited so far, this was actually on the Internet, which seems meaningful to me. I think Reason even appropriated the title of Suck's Friday multi-item posts, "Hit and Run," for their blog.

How good was Suck? Real smart, real funny, and Filler just ruled the school, speaking of cultural criticism by women. It was maybe the most direct blog ancestor on there, given the way it mixed criticism with personality and (to a degree) biography, or at least the way biography and culture intersects."

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