July 14, 2004



We are going to Prince tonight, so I gotta move fast and retrieve my pink chaps from the "organic" dry cleaning place before it closes. I hate to think you clicked for nothing; therefore, in the honorable American tradition of getting people to work for free, I will add another blog to the fire. (I expect entries on the following topics to appear in the next few days, especially if someone else writes them: dancehall comps, boots and mashups, The Beatles, hip-hop radio part 2, and a very special update on Christian Jesusness.) Ladies and gentlemen, Franklin Bruno:

"The Arcades Project is closer to my own experience of blogging than One-Way Street, on account of its incomplete/provisional nature—all the things one doesn't live long enough to tie up elsewhere (though Benjamin presumably meant to try). I'd also like to put in a word for Pessoa's Book of Disquiet, supposedly non-autobiographical entries of one Bernardo Soares, whom Pessoa claimed was not a 'full' heteronym, unlike the names under which he wrote the poems he's best-known for. Many color by color descriptions of the sky; I think it's currently available in four slightly different English-language editions.

Re Perec: Inspired by his year-long menu, I kept a log of all the music I heard, voluntarily or not, throughout September 2002 (long before I started a blog). It didn't work out so well, in part because shopclerks and waitstaff often have no information about or control over what's playing in their work environment—if I didn't already know it, I just had to note down 'unid. trip-hop' or such."

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