July 22, 2004



Jenn Lena with ideas and words I liked. No link whatsoever to what's on the blog this week, except to the larger gabfest always in progress:

"The folks in sociology of music are loathe to say, for example: that there is new jack swing, unless they engage in some painstakingly long process of content analysis or survey work. I'm an honest enough scientist to admit that classificatory mistakes are inevitable, as the whole point, really, is that people are constantly struggling to control definitions over things like genre, beauty, art, etc. However, ethnomusicologists don't have any problem marching out and saying what's what. And I'm not comfortable with a bunch of frustrated musicians cornering the market. Plus, if we continue to cede authority over content to the "experts," we'll never be able to support our theories that there is a correspondence between identity and social structures and artistic content. And that's stupid. We KNOW it's there, or was there, or can be there."

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