August 19, 2004



Jace Clayton sends an update, including links to an article of his own. I quote: "The New York Foundation for the Arts Quarterly asked Jace to write an essay exploring ideas in his musical approach. He discusses DJing in the Persian Gulf, Victoria´s Secret supermodels on Moroccan rai bootleg CDs, and more. It´s intended for a general audience."

The general audience is also the target of this newspaper article. Carl Wilson does as good a job as anybody in the lower 48 of making an umbrella piece not feel stretched and patched. (Nice Atwood quote, too.) When Wilson reaches the idea of "lit hop," and wonders why there's no such thing, my response burped out: "There's already a lit-hop. It's called hip-hop." That doesn't mean I disagree with Wilson's take on the relationship between indie rock and its lit cohort.

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