August 18, 2004



The Hood Internet boys like indie rock, and they like hip-hop. Aspiring yentas, they make introductions and hope for the best.

Though Freelance Hellraiser got things rolling, Mark Vidler was the Derek Jeter of this game. He's done nothing world-shaking recently, but many of the key songs are still up on his site.

Boomselection is gone. James Hyman and Soundhog are still working. Soundhog is no longer offering the massive “Radio Soundhog Vol.3 - As Heard On...” mix from February 2004, but he still has nuff shots to share.

Optimo continue to operate, and may be the healthiest of this lot. (Look for the "Walkabout" mix CD—legit!) Ultra396 turned to Tone396 and then stopped altogether.

IDC is mostly working as a DJ, it seems. Thee Mightee Osymyso has maintained his site, which still offers tracks, though I don't think any are recent. McSleazy has a streamlined site with many tracks available—in fact, the site mostly just a library now, and that is fine.

Dunproofin' has a couple of really strong boots. Just a few. Not too many. Only a few. This is how it should be. Therefore, we vote Dunproofin' the greatest masher-upper ever.

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