August 03, 2004



I love big dance bands with percussionists you can't even hear. I love all night all night action action that makes you lose your lose your compass and float on waves of interpersonal radiation. Afrobeat doesn't do that to me. Tony Allen is a monster drummer and the math of afrobeat is pleasantly various. I simply do not funk to it. Afrobeat does not give me that frozen vein feeling and make me miss work because I am at home practicing The Butter Churn and The Ticket Taker. It slows me down, and keeps me in place, a state of being which worried me. I am no longer worried; and I have been having intense interactions with Fela albums. (There are several posts linking to this post that will now make very little sense.) I am also glad that Fela inspired “Remain In Light.”

LL Cool J and Timbaland, "Head Sprung": LL is nice in the verses, finding new ways to lay on a track. (Don't sleep on dude because he was in Rollerball.) The hook is totally corny. And we love corny. But not this corny.

Javine: Don't sleep. (Ha! She's asleep now.)

Young Heart Attack = The Darkness with less yucks and hooks. I like both bands equally. How much is that? If I am in a store and I hear a song playing over the PA, I will stay until it is over. Neither of these bands are as good, or as old, as The Wildhearts. (Poetic punchline: Both YHA and The Darkness are in critical condition. The Wildhearts? Going strong!)

Absolutely not failing me: Anthony Hamilton's Comin' From Where I'm From. His voice makes me so high you could boxcutter a hole in by Bugle Boy jeans, slice my wallet in half, leave a scar on my left buttcheek, and I still wouldn't feel it.

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